Blocked 3rd Eye Relief & Lip Balm Bundle


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Feeling like your 3rd eye is blocked? Are you feeling down with a cold or the flu or do you just need allergy 🤧 or something to relieve that terrible headache? Look no further. Our cold and sinus remedy is made to open that blocked 3rd eye, giving you freedom to think straight and breath easily. Try it you’ll be asking for more.
We also paired oUr sinus relief with our creamy lip balm for you to enjoy that beautiful aroma, after your nasal passage has been cleared. Plus they are more economical to be shipped as a set, instead of a single item. Our sinus relief is made from all natural ingredients such as:- epsom salt, sea salt, peppermint oil, tea tree oil.
1. Heat in a heat safe mug, water about 1inch from the top (Make sure water is hot and steaming)
2. Mix the contents together
3. Put about half of the contents in the packet, into the steaming water (Do Not Stir Water)
4. Put towel over head and head over mug, holding head about 2 or 3 inches above mug
5. Keep your


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