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Welcome to my blog.  I am so excited that you stopped by.  I created this blog so myself and fellow Twin Flames may share their ideas on their Twin Flame Journey and other relationships and also our views on how a man should treat a lady and how a lady should treat a man, in order to have a wonderful relationship…you know that word people…say it with me COMPROMISE! I created this blog to have a place where men and women can vent and have people engaged in a conversation that I realize that isn’t been talked about much, even though this is happening all around us, every second, every minute, every hour and ever day of our lives. 

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Hey everyone, welcome to Wo/Manual. This blog was created to talk about love and the kind of love that I…
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Love Yourself First!!!

Happy New Year to all my people…and sorry I am just acknowledging the new year. Now for this New Year…

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