Stop Chasing Love!

All Divine Feminines out there need to stop chasing a man and a woman to make sure that they love you or for them to tell you that they love you, so that you feel loved. You need to realize that the only person you need to love you, is yourself and god and this will happen.  When you come to that conclusion, you’ll start to feel love within yourself.

When we chase love everything, anything and anyone can come our way say I love you and we accept it but in the end this person that we think love us because our Divine Masculine is not paying us enough attention we say they love us more than our Masculines do and then in the end we realize we hurt our own selves because these people who we say love us more than our Masculines do or we are saying they’re standing up more than our divine Masculines are, they too will run away.

What we need to do is hold on to God and know that God will deliver our Masculines once we put in that work and that work means we learn to love ourselves first.  If you don’t know how to love YOU, what makes you think that you’ll know when someone truly loves you?