If you are asking that question, then I am going to guess and say that you are going through strange events and experiencing strange feelings with someone that you have recently met and well, all those feelings and events are just quite unexplainable, so you decided to do some research to ease your curiosity and have some questions answered. Well, here goes…

A Twin Flame is your other half. They are like soulmates but way better. The love is way more intense and the connection is harder to come together. A Twin Flame and a Soulmate are two different things but could feel the same when you meet them, for the first time. For Twin Flames, there are feelings and signs that you will notice and experience. Trust me you won’t miss these signs and new feelings. It will be nothing that you have ever experienced before, hence you searching for answers and finding this blog. I am not talking about you feeling love like you have never felt before as every and anyone can and will experience the feeling of love. When you have or had felt love like you have never experienced before, then that’s you meeting your Soulmate and that’s it with a Soulmate, you feel love like you have never felt before because you both are perfect soul matches but that’s just it, love as you’ve never felt before. You are a match meant to share your lives together or just parts of your lives and sometimes only for a short period of time or for the rest of your life. Some soulmates are just meant to build things together, have children together, who will serve a greater purpose in the future. which is why you may be having a wonderful time with someone whom you thought would be “The One” but suddenly things start to fall apart and you separate. That’s because that person has served their purpose in your life and you in theirs and now it’s time to move on to the next chapter. Everyone has a soulmate but not everyone has a Twin Flame.

When you meet your Twin Flame then that’s another story. The love you will feel for that person will be like no other, you can’t stop looking at them, you can’t help but wonder where you have seen this person before but can’t seem to put your finger on it, you can’t stop loving them and all you want to do is spend every moment, time and the rest of your life with them, all in an instant, without you even knowing what’s happening. This is what you call, “love at first sight”. The weird part about meeting this person is that you are in love with them and you don’t know why…because they are NOT your type and maybe you are already in a relationship but were making plans to leave that relationship or you may have already left a relationship but almost all the time you are or were on your way out of the present relationship. You see your Twin Flame shows up in your life at your lowest point in love when you can’t take heartbreak anymore and feel like giving up on love completely and if you think back you will realize that you actually asked God in a moment of grief, where is your person to love you as you would love yourself, why are you always being hurt and why can’t I find someone who truly loves me and Tada! God delivered but you will not notice this because you are not expecting miracles to happen. You were not expecting your questions to be answered. They will look nothing like partners you have been with before and nothing like your dream man or woman, which is exactly why you are going to be confused as to why you love them so much and why you are so attracted to them. Actually, they are the exact opposite of your dream partner. You feel like you have known them for ages and you could talk for hours. You are just so comfortable being around this person, you can just be yourself not wondering if they are going to look at you funny or think you are crazy for acting funny.

Twin Flames do not care what the other look like because they can only see your soul, they do not notice your outward appearance as that is not what they are attracted to. They are attracted to your soul. Your Twin Flame will love everything about you that everyone criticize you about and the first thing they notice about you, is not how beautiful or handsome you are, or how sexy your body is, or how much money you have or don’t have. They don’t notice any of that. They just see you for who you are, the perfect spiritual being you are as they alone look at you from the inside out and not from the outside in. Twin Flames are your soul’s other half, one soul split into two, your reflection, your healer, your teacher, your guide, your lover, your friend, your life partner, your rescuer from heartache, your perfect match, the one who will know when to love you, when to hold you, know how to love you and most importantly, your Twin Flame is yourself, that’s right! Your Twin Flame is YOU, in another body…. To Be Continued.