Hey everyone, welcome to Wo/Manual. This blog was created to talk about love and the kind of love that I was experiencing, somewhere to vent and release my frustration as to why I have fallen in this trap, this trap of being in love with someone I cannot have…eventually I came to find out that this love that I was feeling was no ordinary love.

This love was ordained, written in the stars, put together before I was born and has been repeating itself for lifetimes and it has now caught up with me. This love can’t be found everywhere and I am one of the few who get to experience such a powerful yet dangerous love.

Imagine being in love with someone who pulls to the surface every fault, every suppressed emotion, every disappointment, every old wound, every insecurity within one’s self, even past hurt and pain that you thought you have gotten rid of but never really did…can you imagine such a love? This love is the type of love that myself and others are going through, to get to the ultimate cleansing and to get to the point where we can receive and give unconditional love.

Don’t think this journey is easy because it is based on “Love”. It most definitely is not and not for the faint of heart. It calls for Trust, Courage, Strength, and Faith in The Most High God. It calls for Strength, Hope, Courage, Faith and most importantly love for yourself. This love will change you and your life forever!

This type of love involves a Masculine and a Feminine, these two peoples’ lives begin to change once they meet each other. It feels like their lives are being changed for the worst because everything begins to turn upside down. Relationships begin to fall apart, one starts to run from the other and the other starts chasing and then at some point in the journey, they switch roles and the runner now becomes the chaser and the chaser now becomes the runner and if that is not crazy enough…you start to receive messages from God, from the Universe via numbers. You start seeing repeating numbers such as 111, 1111, 222, 2222, 333, 444, 555 etc and not to mention all the numbers that mirror each other eg. 12:21, 13:31, 1551, 2002 and you want to know something crazier!? You also start to see their names everywhere and I mean everywhere and people who shape like them, same complexion, same height, same body type, all start to look like them…THIS IS SO CRAZY!!!

MY GOD! WHAT IS THIS AND WHAT IS GOING ON!? then you do your research and you find out…this is the Twin Flame Journey, Baby! Enjoy.