Happy New Year to all my people…and sorry I am just acknowledging the new year.

Now for this New Year 2019, it started off with a lot of looooove!  People are taking time to know their worth and not allowing anyone to tell them who they are and what they can do and achieve…Thank you 2019! Ah Ahhha!!!

Yeah! this is what we all need in our lives, no matter who you are, never let anyone tell you, you cannot do and you cannot achieve.  Never let anyone hold on to you because you think you owe them or because you feel obligated to them because of something they have done for you or is doing for you.

Let go of toxicity, people who don’t mean you any good and people who are sucking you dry because they are holding something over you ( Freaking Vampires).  These are the ones who really piss me off because they take advantage of people and are using these people to build their lives while sucking everything from them and the worst thing is…the ones they are using might actually love them and feel they have to do all these suckers ask because they love these Vampires.  YOU NEED TO WAKE UP, PREY!  These people don’t love you, they are manipulators, abusers, users and wicked.  

Think about yourself, are you happy!?  Is this person making me happy or am I thinking I am happy because that is how I want things to be?  Think about yourself, after all these suckers are thinking about themselves when they are abusing your love, in order to build themselves.  I know some of you may have obligations in these relationship, maybe a child or even children but trust me, this child or children are hurting even more than you watching the pain you are going through because you are not happy with the relationship you are stuck in.  You have to talk to your children, they may even surprise you with what they know and what they are observing around them.  They know when you are unhappy and it’s better to be happy being away from your children than being around them and being sad.  This emotion brings the children’s spirit down and they too may become depressed.

If your children are the ones keeping you in a relationship, maybe you should rethink and see that they are actually the ones you should get out of a relationship for, for their piece of mind…it’s better to separate when they are younger than when they are older, as when they are older they understand more and take things to heart, they may even think things (the breakup) are their fault…think about it.

Move towards what makes you happy and I don’t mean to just jump and say “I am leaving because I am unhappy…”, There has got to be a good and soul building reason for this change.

These are my opinions and I am just tired of the way people treat others because they are holding things over other’s head, making them feel obligated and worst of all, using people’s good heart against them.  GO GET A JOB BITCHES!!! Take care of yourself and stop sucking on these good men…YES I AM TALKING TO YOU LAZY ASS WOMEN who like to abuse and take advantage of other women’s sons! BACK OFF! GET A LIFE SUCKERS! Peace!