Being in a relationship that you truly want to be in should be one of unselfishness, compromise, love, trust and understanding.

Whether you are the man or the woman, you should always make an effort to treat the other person the best way possible.  Don’t be selfish or get comfortable because you know the person loves you and will always be there for you. Make an effort to give that same amount of love in return and if not, show more.

There is no way on God’s green earth, where you should have a man waking up 3, 4 o’clock in the morning, in the freezing rain, with snow hitting him in the face and him freezing his ass off, just so you can take the car to work and how do you repay him? You get comfortable and start ignoring his efforts and treating him like what he is doing is necessary and a sacrifice because he is the man of the family…BULL SHIT! 

LOVE any man who does these things for you because they don’t do it because they feel obligated, they do it because they are a man and it’s their duty to provide for their families.  In truth, if it were up to some of us ladies to take care of a family and ourselves, we would all suffer…RESPECT TO ALL THE SINGLE MOMS.

It also goes for all the men out there who take their women for granted. Don’t you ever have a woman who works hard, a woman who will say “Ok honey you are not feeling well, stay home”.  These women are hard to find and are dedicated and who will love you with all their heart, in order to say stuff like that to you.  These women are not in a relationship to take your money, men because for sure, I know they make their own.

Men, take my advice, when you find a woman who will work, give you money even though their friends say ” girl are you crazy, you don’t give any man your money, take theirs” appreciate her, knowing you have a backup if anything should happen to you.  Stop taking the woman’s money because you feel it is owed to you and it is time a woman starts giving instead of taking.  That is the worst thing you can do because when she finds out what you are really doing…boy you got it coming.

I love these kinds of women because they are truly unselfish.  These women will give you their heart and soul because they feel it’s the right thing to do, not because you think you are using her. When you start using her, trust me she knows.  She will not say anything but be prepared to feel her wrath, when she gets fed up of your behaviour. 

The same goes for the women who are using these men and using a child or children to say “you have obligations” damn, I can’t stand that phrase trying to justify your laziness and your selfishness.  Don’t use these men who will work their ass off to take care of you and their children. STOP IT!  These men will leave your ass for a woman who appreciates them, trust me.

Just respect each other and put yourself in each other’s shoes and you will begin to appreciate what the next person is doing for you. Chups!