When it comes to making life-changing decisions, that’s exactly what it is, life-changing.

A decision that is always the hardest to make is a decision involving love.  You meet someone, fall in love but there is a decision to be made.  How do I approach this new relationship?  Can I even have a committed relationship with this person? Where do we start?

What if you later find out that this person has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, do you continue with the relationship, knowing of the other person?

Are you willing to risk falling in love with someone you may not have for yourself or do you continue with the relationship in hopes of him or her committing to you, leaving their other partner behind?

These are big questions and will make your decision a very hard one.  Some people already know what they would do because it is in their personality, others will spend days contemplating what to do as they may never have been in that kind of situation before.

You want to do the right thing and the right thing for you but it gets harder, every time you look into that person’s eyes, touch them, think about them, smile with them or just being around them in general.

Love is mysterious and mischievous. It will get you into trouble as well as allow you to feel ways you have never felt before but been very careful with love as used without care can either break a heart or bring hearts together.

What would your decision be if you fell in love with someone, who fell in love with you but already has a partner?  Would you go for it, trying to make that person yours or would you give up on love, trying to do the right thing for your heart?