To me, love is showing affection towards someone else, even if you show affection for yourself, that is love. (although some people over do it)

I have been in love a couple time but some of those times, it seems I was showing more affection towards the other person, than that person was showing me…Is that right though?  Having someone pour their heart out to you saying I love you and all you do is give a fake response (“I love you too”), like really? COME ON MAN!  IF YOU DON’T LOVE ME, LET ME KNOW & MOVE ON!

Same with the women, if you don’t appreciate and love the guy LET HIM GO!  There are more fishes in the sea.  Stop having people feel like crap to make yourself feel good.

Anyways…let’s get back to this love thing..does anyone really know what love is?  Has anyone really felt love?  Now I’m not talking about motherly nor sisterly love, “Real Love”, man and woman love.  Guess there are people out there who have felt real love, after all there are married people in this world but the greatest love is the love God has for us,so all you pretenders can go and kiss my ass! Yeah!

There are also people out there who are trapped in a relationship, maybe because they feel compelled to or they feel they owe the other person.  Sometimes they are in a relationship where they don’t feel appreciated and BAM!  One day they meet the person they would really fall in love with but you cannot be together, because it’s “complicated”. What do you do in a situation like this?  You are scared to leave the obligated relationship you are in(maybe there are kids involved or you are just scared to say…it is over) for the true love you know you have found.

Now don’t get me wrong…there are people out there who go out and smile with someone just for sex or just for the pleasure of having more than one woman or more than one man, those are not the creeps I am talking about.  I am talking about people who are genuinely in love and can’t do anything about it.  What do you do in cases like this.


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