Welcome to my blog.  I am so excited that you stopped by.  I am here to share my ideas on relationships and my views on how a man should treat a lady and how a lady should treat a man, in order to have a wonderful relationship…you know that word people…say it with me COMPROMISE! I created this blog to have a place where men and women can vent and have people engaged in a conversation that I realize that no one talks about, even though this is happening all around us, every second, every minute, every hour and ever day of our lives.

LOVE my friends, love.  Let’s talk about what’s happening in our love lives, what’s happening in other people’s love lives and what’s happening to love in general.   I realize that we all feel love and fall in and out of love and we feel this emotion all the time but never have I ever talked or see any group of people discuss what goes on when we are in love.

Are you in a relationship and everyday you question yourself as to why, when did I start this relationship and what am I doing in this relationship?  Are you also in a relationship that makes you feel better than the last, one you would never let go of?

Well, let’s chat, vent, help each other and improve our relationships.

Take a look into my manual for both women and men. (my Wo/Manual) Enjoy and let’s help each other have better relationships.