Welcome to my blog.  I am so excited that you stopped by.  I created this blog so myself and fellow Twin Flames may share their ideas on their Twin Flame Journey and other relationships and also our views on how a man should treat a lady and how a lady should treat a man, in order to have a wonderful relationship. This blog can also be referred to by Soulmates as when it comes on to love, we all experience it and can use one situation to learn in our next. I created this blog to have a place where men and women can learn and vent and have people engaged in a conversation that I realize that isn’t been talked about much, even though this is happening all around us, every second, every minute, every hour and ever day of our lives. Everyone talks about the negative side of relationships but don’t mention much when it comes on to love.

This Twin Flame journey is a hard road to travel and the connection is even harder to explain but stick around, I will make it much easier for you to understand. This type of love is one that is brought together by God Himself. The Twin Flame Lovers is what you would call, a match made in Heaven. It’s a spiritual journey and can only be brought together spiritually. In this love, you will lose yourself and at the same time, you will find yourself.

Once you meet up on your Twin Flame, it is time for you both to be together and that’s when the healing starts to happen so you can release toxic people, behaviours, places and things so you can align with God’s purpose for you and also to welcome a type of love you have never experienced before, Unconditional Love.

Check out my podcast on Spotify, Anchor.fm and other podcast platforms… I am, Wo/Manual.  Blessings everyone.


Twin Flames

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Twin Flames

Hey everyone, welcome to Wo/Manual. This blog was created to talk about love and the kind of love that I was experiencing, somewhere to vent and release my frustration as to why I have fallen Read more…